About Artes Unidas

Artes Unidas is a non-profit organization established to advance Latino arts and culture in the State of Michigan. The establishment of Artes Unidas was a direct outcome of the statewide conference, Artes Unidas: A Latino Arts Forum, held in Lansing, MI on August 25, 2001.

Contact Information:

Artes Unidas de Michigan
P.O. Box 16088
Lansing, MI 48901-6088
Phone: 517-335-0466
Fax: 517-335-2473


Artes Unidas has the following strategic goals:

  • To provide all the people of Michigan with increased access to Latino arts and culture.
  • To encourage the production, exhibition, and preservation of traditional and contemporary expressions of the Latino aesthetic in the Midwest.
  • To educate Latinos in the arts, with special attention to Michigan Latino arts, culture and history.
  • To educate the broader community about the critical contributions Latinos have made and continue to make to Michiganís cultural history and landscape.
  • To represent the interests of Latino artists and cultural organizations, as well as increase their visibility and viability in Michigan.
  • To strengthen the foundation and future of Michiganís Latino arts community through education, economic development, and the development of sustaining relationships and networks, both public and private.

Artes Unidas de Michigan builds upon a rich history of Latinos organizing for culture and the arts in the Midwest that includes:

  • All of the Latino artists who have carried canvas and guitarra onto Michigan fields, railroads, factories and universities, on journeys voluntary and involuntary across the length and breadth of our nation.
  • Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and the Mexican community of Detroit in which they were active during the painting of the murals at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.
  • The Raza Art and Media Collective, mid-1970ís.
  • Nuestras Artes de Michigan, early 1980ís.
  • The Latino Agenda for Culture and the Arts in Michigan, 1989.
  • The Michigan Latino Arts and Culture Initiative,1998-2001.
  • Casa de Unidad, 1981 - present

Artes Unidas is:

  • Ana Luisa Cardona
  • Lorenzo Lopez
  • Theresa Melendez
  • Nora Chapa Mendoza
  • Mark Sullivan
  • Irene Vasquez

  • David Conklin
  • Kurt Dewhurst
  • Dalia Garcia
  • Jesse Gonzales
  • Danny Layne
  • Herminia Ortega
  • Simon Perazza
  • Diana Rivera
  • Dionicio Valdes

  • Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs

  • Casa de Unidad
  • Center for Great Lakes Culture
  • Cristo Rey Community Center
  • Michigan Association for Community Arts and Culture
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Michigan State University School of Music
  • Michigan State University Chicano/Latino Studies Program
  • Michigan State University Library