Artes Unidas is a place for artists to come and display their work as well as make themselves known to the public in order to strengthen the diversity of art. This month, we would like to share with you three artists who we feel deserve recognition. We hope that you enjoy their work.

Julio Perazza...

A Photographer, a Father, a Son, and a loving Husband. Growing up in Southwest Detroit, much of his work was shot in his old neighborhood, yet his work was showcased to German audiences in Struttberg. His passion for photography led him to through life exploring it, as an artist does, and documenting it.We are all so blessed to have known him, and grateful for all he has left behind, so many wonderful pieces of art. These pieces offer a beautiful definition of who Julio was, where he came from, and what he saw in his life, through his artist's eye.

Julio was an artist who began his career as a photographer with the musical performance company "Up With People" and was the first artist to exhibit work at Casa de Unidad. He was committed to the people of Detroit, teaching photography at Casa de Unidad, SER Metro, LA SED and Henry Ford Community College. He worked for 11 years as a photographer for the Central Photo Unit of the Detroit Police Department.

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Nora Mendoza...

A Chicana artist born in Weslaco, Texas. Nora lived and worked in the migrant camps, her mother dying of tuberculosis at the age of four. Mendoza's career as an artist started while she was in her forties. Mendoza is primarily a self-taught painter, though she has supplemented her own vision and experience by attending the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. For the past 30 years her painting has taken on a fierce spirit of individualism. Her works are well known for figurative forms within her abstract paintings. Over the years, her work has developed from realism to abstract expressionism. Mendoza has also been involved in restoration projects, workshops, artist in residency programs, and mural projects. In 1996, she was one of eight artists who participated in the 6 million dollar renovation project devoted to restoring Detroit's Music Hall back to its original beauty of 1928.

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